A Christmas Greeting from Pastor Pablo Murphy

Our 2023 Christmas series at NBC will start on Sunday November 26th and will run for 6 weeks.

This year we have called our advent series ‘Arrived’. Our aim is to lead you to worship God by considering all the things that ‘Arrived’ on earth when Jesus clothed himself in humanity:

1) Hope has Arrived - Zechariah & Elizabeth - God breaks the silence of 400 years of ‘Inter-testamental’ history to renew our hope.

2) Emmanuel has Arrived - A Biblical overview of God’s desire to walk with man in close proximity.
3) Peace has Arrived - Mary - Despite her fear and confusion, God’s sovereignty became her serenity.

4) Grace has Arrived - Joseph - A portrait of an obedient & submissive man who surrenders to God’s Will.
5) Joy has Arrived - Shepherds - The realisation that God has ‘Arrived’ should fill our lives with joy & urgency to share.
6) The King has Arrived - Wise Men - The wisest and richest are no match for the King of Kings.
7) Salvation has Arrived - Simeon & Anna - Salvation is available to all who believe.

I will close off the year on Sunday 31st December with a Psalm that will inspire you to look back at 2023 with gratitude and ahead to 2024 with expectation.

You would be very welcome at any of our Christmas services or events and I am praying that the Lord will meet you as you worship with us this Christmas.